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EDD Birth Story! (Teresa1896)

TL;DR version:
Timothy John L was born on 4/9/14- his due date- at 6:29am. He is a whopper and tipped the scales at 8lb10oz, 21.5 inches. Vaginal delivery with epi. 6.5 hrs from start to finish.

Long version:
On the morning of my due date, 4/9, I'd woken up around midnight to pee. When I got in the bathroom and pulled down my underwear they were soaked. It was the same slimy, watery discharge id had for a day or so, so i figured it was early labor. i didnt think my water had broken (i felt an obvious pop last time). I went back to bed and was woken up by a painful contraction. Sleepy me somehow didn't register this, so I tried to sleep some more until I had another one. I started to time them and continued to leak fluid. I woke up my DH, who asked "if it was time to go." I told him no, let's see if the contractions get any closer. They did, and fast, from 1.5-4 mins apart. Showered and called the dr and the ILs to come stay with dd.
Upon arrival at the hospital I was
3 cm and 90% effaced, with ruptured membranes (yeah, felt like an idiot for not being certain about that!). After 2 hrs of steady contractions I begged for an epidural. I got it around 430, and I was at a 5. I had a very scary moment where my BP suddenly tanked to 50/30 after my epidural. I felt dizzy and sick and knew something was very bad. The nurse noticed right away and gave me something to boost my pressure, which worked quickly. We got it stabilized and when she checked me again around 5:30 I was a 7. She was concerned DS was facing my hip so she had me lay on my side to see if he would turn. Immediately I started feeling painful contractions and an intense need to push. She checked me at 545 and
I was complete and ready to push!
Pushed for around 30 mins. I pushed with dd for 3.5 hrs and needed a vacuum delivery ultimately; this little guy shot right out. My dr tried to get me to wait for the anesthesiologist to come back to numb me for the episiotomy but I couldn't wait- DS came out fast and loud at 6:29 am. I had a 2nd degree tear and needed a few stitches.
We were shocked to find out he weighed 8lb10oz and 21.5 inches- dd was born 4 days late and was 7.12.
I couldn't believe how different my 2 labors were. I was so worried about having DS get stuck like dd, or needing pitocin, or not having the epi work, but everything worked great and it was a fast and furious delivery. I'm so proud of my body for laboring on its own! I wanted to avoid an induction at all costs and am so glad I did.
And without further ado, here's the hoss and his proud big sister.

BFP: 7/5/10   EDD: 3/13/11  Miscarriage 8/1/10 at 8 weeks

BFP: 10/30/10   EDD: 7/7/11   Born 7/11//11 7lb12oz, 20 in.

BFP: 7/30/13  EDD: 4/9/14 Born right on time on his due date! 8lb10oz, 21.5 in.

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