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PGD- Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ??

Anyone have any experience with this? How much does it cost before insurance? What it the procedure? 

Any information would be great! 

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Re: PGD- Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis ??

  • In short...PDG (PGS and CCS)  testing is when your embryos are biopsied and the biopsied samples are tested for chromosomal genetic conditions. Testing costs can vary based on facility and in some cases based on how many samples are sent. Typical testing is around a few thousand. Inclusive of the biopsy and the testing, I paid $4200 OOP this cycle because my testing lab is out of network. When I used an in network lab, I had no OOP costs associated. But in some cases you have to have either you or your partner need to be a carrier of a tested abnormality in order for it to be covered by insurance. 

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  • We are in the midst of our 2nd IVF cycle and will be doing PGD.  Our insurance does not cover these types of services so we are completely OOP.  My clinic charges $3,500 for their portion of it (biopsy, freezing embryos, sending samples, etc).  The genetic center costs about $2,300 for up to eight samples to do the aCGH testing. There are other types of genetic testing that can be done as well, however, I'm not sure if you are interested in any of those as well. aCGH is the standard 24 chromosomes microarray screening

    As for the procedure, not sure what you mean.  Are you referring to what they do to the fertilized eggs, or the procedure to get the clinic to do it?

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  • I've been lurking over here. If this cycle doesn't work were moving onto IVF with PGD. My dr told me it cost 5k extra. That's as far as I've gotten in the process so I'm going to be stalking.
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  • Hi! Mine cost $2900 for 8 embryos. A cell is taken from the embryo and tested for abnormalities. No damage is done to the embryos and to be very honest it saved me a lot of heartache. I am 38 and for my first IVF, we did PGD and all embryos were chromosomally abnormal, even though two of them were very good grade blastocysts! Had I not done PGD, I would have miscarried them and/or they would not have implanted. My second IVF, again, we did PGD, and we have one NORMAL from a total of 5 embryos that fertilized. Good luck!
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    We are 100% OOP on pgd testing... we are using Natera and I think it is like 2900 for up to 8 embryos then 325.00 for each additional embryo.  My RE's portion was for lab fees, courier service etc... I think it was 1500.00. We are budgeting  7500.00 because we are hoping to have lot's of embies to test.  For us although it is super expensive outweighs the benefits.  I want to avoid another miscarriage at all costs. It isn't a guarantee of course but it greatly improves our odds.
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    We did it during our fresh cycle... I can't remember the exact cost (b/c my clinic offers percentages off of their portion b/c my husband is in the military) We had to pay full price for the actual testing ... we had 9 blasts tested and 6 were normal! Just a few days I got a bill for $225 for that extra (9th) embryo. The testing only covered 8 blasts to be tested. GOod luck you!
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  • Thanks for all the information ladies. 

    My dr suggested it since my first pregnancy ended in a m/c when i was 5.5 months in 2010. The baby boy had a chromosome issue. I have a rare chromosome disorder (bloch sulzberger) which make me not carry males that have the same disorder- hence the m/c. However, I did have a son in 2011 but he doesn't have it. He is truly a miracle baby.

    So my OB suggested to look into this for the next baby since we are trying again starting next month. My DH just got a new job and I have to look into the coverage if any. His last employment, they covered $10,000 for life! 

    I just wanted to see what the range was for it. 
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    Married: February 14, 2009

    MC: June 6 2010 @ 18 weeks
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  • My insurance doesn't cover pgd, and when I got the self pay paperwork it said it was $6000 at my clinic.
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  • Had anyone had to send the embryos out to have the biopsy?  I don't think my clinic does it, it is even possible to send out embryos for biopsy?  Just wondering.

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  • Had anyone had to send the embryos out to have the biopsy?  I don't think my clinic does it, it is even possible to send out embryos for biopsy?  Just wondering.

    I just finished reading the consent paperwork and my understanding is my clinic takes a biopsy of the embryo and sends off the slides to specialized lab that does the genetic testing. I think I understood it right.

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