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Colin is here! (thecuddleeffect)

Colin Joseph was born Monday April 7th at 1:07 pm after a scheduled c section. He was 6 lbs 14 oz 20 inches.

He is in the NICU now and has been intubated twice. He is having a lot of trouble breathing. I still haven't held him, they don't think he will be coming home with us when we are discharged either.

And here is! Now and just born
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It's a BOY!!
2/9/14 - DX Gestational Diabetes
C-section scheduled for 4/7/14 (36w5d)
Colin Joseph - 1:07pm 6lbs 14oz - 8 days in the NICU
Everyone Welcome!

Re: Colin is here! (thecuddleeffect)

  • Congrats on being a momma of an outside baby. So sorry that it's been a rough journey so far. Do they think his lungs were just underdeveloped because he was a 36 weeker or is something else going on? Hoping he improves quickly and is home in your arms ASAP.
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  • Congrats! I hope you and him both go home soon.

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  • Congratulations! He is beautiful! T&Ps that his breathing gets stronger and he can be with his mama and daddy!
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  • Congrats - T&P's that his NICU stay is short and uneventful, and that he gets to go home ASAP!
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  • Congratulations, hoping he starts doing better quickly and he gets to come home with you soon!
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  • Congratulations! T&P's he has a short stay in the NICU and you all can be home together!
  • Thoughts and prayers he's home very soon! Congratulations!!
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  • He's beautiful, and I LOVE his name!! I hope he can go home with you soon!!


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  • I hope he comes home soon! Congrats on your little guy!

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  • Congratulations! Praying he will be able to come home soon!
  • Congrats! Hoping his nicu stay is short and you'll be able to bring him home soon.

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  • Congratulations! Sending you and your LO lots of good T&Ps for a speedy recovery
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