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Hi ladies my name is Jessica. I am 26 and live in ohio with my 19month old dd, Annabelle and husband . I was a teacher but have decided to be a SAHM since this pregnancy. This one was not planned and has been horrible. Long story short I had hyperemesis and was in the hospital a lot of first trimester with a picc line to basically stay alive. I then got an infection and blood clots as well as major weakness and breathing issues followed by preeclampsia and anemia. My first dd was born at 35 weeks because I had severe preeclampsia . My due date for this dd, Penelope is May 8 buy because of the preeclampsia I will deliver next week. Wanted to join and say hello since I will be an April momma. A few random facts about me, I love everything pink, pasta is my weakness, I have two yippie dogs and I am terrified to have two under two as my toddler is very needy, strong willed , and attached to my body at all times .

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  • Welcome! Best of luck to you with this pregnancy. Love you little girl names!! My first 2 kiddos were 22 months apart...they are best buddies! I'm a little scared about having baby #3...she was unplanned and my others will be 8 and 6...so I'm way out of baby mode. I believe Everything happens for a reason so I'm staying optimistic and thankful for this little blessing!
  • Welcome! Complicated pregnancies are so trying. Congrats on being very close to the finish line.
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  • Congrats & good luck!

  • Yay, another S12er! :) 

    I'm so glad this pregnancy is almost over for you and you will have your sweet baby soon!!
  • wow, what a tough pregnancy! Almost over and close to having your baby :)
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  • Welcome, good luck and i hope your fears subside soon.
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