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Getting Cervidil @ 6pm... advice?

Can anyone tell me their experience with getting Cervidil before pitocin?? 

-Will I be able to sleep after I get it? How long before I can start pitocin? Was it painful? Any experiences would be great. TIA :)
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Re: Getting Cervidil @ 6pm... advice?

  • I had cervidil with my DS. It was like a shoelace of meds that's inserted into the cervix. I don't remember it hurting at all. Sleep and rest were not a problem. The cervidil made me start contracting on my own so the pitocin wasn't nessecary but I don't think that happens for everyone. GL!
  • I just had Cervidil on Sunday night, and I found the experience painful. Then again, my cervix was still really high and in back, so my nurse had to shove practically half her hand up there in order to get it in. Vagina and cervix consequently felt kind of irritated for a while, but sitting and sleeping were okay.

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  • This is our plan come Sunday as well- will be watching closely for previous experiences. Best of luck!!
  • Just had it the night of the seventh. It put me into labor, pretty painful contractions. Having it put in didn't hurt at all in my opinion. But the contractions while it was in were worse than after it had been taken out. (I did not get an epidural)
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