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I guess it's baby time. PIP

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My best friend came with us and snapped a quick shot. I work at this hospital so I knew the transporter. This was before these gnarly contractions kicked in! Water broke around 1030pm, only dilated to 1 cm as of last check. Just hanging out and waiting for baby. Wish I could get some sleep, but I'm wide awake. Will update with full story when baby gets here.


Elliott Katherine made her grand entrance yesterday at 11:12 am. One day after daddy's birthday. I have been exhausted and delirious since then. Started out attempting natural but my contractions were not subsiding for 4 hours. I decided to get the epidural and it was the best choice of my life. Began pushing at 1045 am and she was here around 30 minutes later. She was sunny side up and had heart decelerations while pushing so the doc used the vacuum to help me get her on out. The rest is all a blur to me. She's a very peaceful and quiet baby so far. Thanks everyone for the support and congrats. Can't wait for everyone to be a member of the outside mommy club!!!

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