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STM...carrying older children after delivery

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hey gals,
my ob/l&d nurses told me to either take it easy or not carry my daughter or lift over 10ish pounds.  My ob said more of do what you have to do but be really careful because you don't want to put much strain on your healing body.  Of course I am taking her word more to heart than what the nurses (who don't know me as well) told me, but it still has made me worry.  I live in an apartment where I have a pretty harsh flight of stairs to get up to get to our unit and we also have stairs in our place.  I'm thinking of those times when my two year old falls asleep in the car and I have to bring her up those 2 flights plus carrying the baby up...carrying the car seat would be heavy enough.  Let's not even talk about doing laundry.  How did you make it easier on yourself during the healing period.  Of course having others help is ideal but that's just not always reality.  My two year old has been pretty good the past few days since I've been home with the new baby to let daddy carry her if she really needs help, but even putting her in the car...I just can't avoid it.  I guess I am just feeling discouraged about being able to follow this "rule" at all.

Re: STM...carrying older children after delivery

  • Never heard of this.  If you had a vaginal delivery this seems a little unreasonable.  I understand not stretching it out or over exerting after a c section for the sake of the incision, but....

  • I didn't limit my lifting after ds, I just tried to rest when my body felt overstrained. I would just try to be smart about it and don't push yourself if you feel it's too much. A mom has to do what a mom has to do sometimes, and as long as your dd is walking and climbing herself as much as possible and you feel ok lifting her I wouldn't stress too much
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  • I haven't lifted her other than onto the potty and into her car seat. She is 2 3/4 and weighs about 34lbs, so she's sorta big, but also very capable. My discharge said not to lift more than baby- not even baby & car seat (that one I side eye-- DD1 was nearly 10lbs, this one's only 8).

    if you feel alright doing it and there isn't much strain, it's probably fine. May slow down your recovery, but if that needs to happen for life to go on, it is what it is.
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  • I was told 20lbs was the limit. DD is 23 and I have been lifting her no problem. 10lbs and six weeks seems ridiculous unless there were complications causing you to need extra precaution (IMO)
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  • I haven't updated my ticker but I'm 6 days post vaginal delivery. 2nd degree incision.
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  • I had a c section which I think is more restrictive as far as post partum lifting goes. After a month of hospital bed rest though I was pretty much immediately lifting my son onto my lap and now less than 4 weeks post partum I can lift him with absolutely no strain, so I would think that if you feel fine you probsbly are fine.

    I wouldn't have been able to carry him up 2 flights of stairs until just about now though. For me I simply would have not made trips on my own with the two kids ( I say "simply" but it isn't really all that simple, I do realize...then again I don't feel so comfortable going many places with lo right now).

    When I was first on pelvic rest I got a step stool and had ds climb into the car on his own and then I'd help him into his seat. If you do feel a strain with the car that could be a solution. The stairs I would probably have ds climb himself but if it's not something your child is good at I would avoid doing that while holding your newborn at all costs.

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  • thanks, y'all.  i'm glad some of you are able to lift fairly comfortably earlier than 6 weeks.  maybe in a perfect world...  but yes i had a vaginal no complication delivery so i'll just listen to my body for now.  i keep reminding myself i'm only 5 days postpartum!
  • I'm not restricting my lifting at all. Kiddo is 4, probably 35 pounds, and I carry him on occasion,
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