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membranes swept now what?

it hurts  :(( but yes i am having contraccion like bh little more intense i have cramps and also feel like i am going to the bathroom.( they are not bad)
did these procedure works for you before ?

Re: membranes swept now what?

  • I think the consensus is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes it causes contractions and sometimes those contractions go nowhere. Goodluck!
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  • I just had mine swept this afternoon (I'm 39 weeks today) and the doctor basically said it makes you more likely to go in to labor, but doesn't guarantee anything. She said it's about a 50/50 chance and that I'll probably know if it worked within the next 24 hours. The more dilated/effaced you are, the better your chances are of it working.

    Good luck!
  • J&NLJ&NL member
    Now you wait!
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  • lcr23lcr23 member
    I had it done last week and again yesterday. So far nothing :(
  • No luck for me on Friday, and now I'm in the middle of my induction. I like to think all of the walking and chores I did this weekend helped me along, though! I was about 2 cm and 50% effaced before I had the procedure done. Good luck ;-)
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