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@snmetz7 is in L&D! Final update!

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My LB @snmetz7 had an induction scheduled for a couple days from now, but was hoping to hold out for labor to start naturally. However, there was a blip on her NST today and the doctors told her they'd like her to be admitted TONIGHT for Cervadil to start the induction process! This lady's 'bout to have a baby, y'all! Let's all share the love, please, as she anticipates meeting her rainbow! Will update as I receive information. 

GOOD LUCK, @snmetz7

Update #1: She's checked in! After playing 20 questions in typical hospital fashion and being hooked up to monitors she is only waiting on IV and Cervadil. 

Update #2: Cervadil is out now. She was contracting all night and cervix is softening, but no more dilation yet. They will be starting pitocin soon! FX that it gets the ball rolling! 

Update #3: She is at 3 cm and the doctor just broker her water. Here's hoping this means it's about to get real!

Update #4: 25 hours into the process she has decided to go for the epidural. Her contractions are right on top of each other, but with the help of the epi hopefully she can get some rest before the big moment arrives!

Update #5: Due to the way the baby is positioned (tilted) there isn't enough pressure on the cervix to cause dilation. It has been 8 hours since getting the epi and she hasn't been able to progress. As a result there will be a c-section in the near future, as soon as the doctor finishes with another delivery. T&P for an easy surgery and recovery!

Final update: Adalyn Nanette is here at 7 lb. 8 oz. and 20 3/4 in. long! She is absolutely precious! Congratulations, @snmetz7!

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Re: @snmetz7 is in L&D! Final update!

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