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Bees Everywhere birth story!

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A little late but I figure I should write this somewhere before I forget anything. This was the craziest most intense thing that's ever happened in my life, it still seems surreal. The timelines are so confusing to me because everything seemed to happen so fast. 

Ok short story: Baby girl was born Saturday morning, April 5th at 7:10 am, 8lbs 1oz and 19in.  Early labor started Thursday night, active labor started Friday night (Sat. am) about 12:30 or 1 and I was ready to push by 4am. Got the epidural after I was fully dilated and feeling a need to push and it slowed everything down so I could rest and kept baby girl in long enough after I started IV antibiotics that she didn't need an IV, yay! Pushed 30 min or so? got a few tears 1st and 2nd degree and named her at the last minute- Lauren Elise! I am so in love! I'm so proud I had a good VBAC! Also back labor fucking sucks. 

Long story: (I had to edit this WAY down, lol and it's still long.) 

Mild menstrual cramps and back pain started regularly Thursday night and I got no sleep. It continued all day Friday, with back pain getting sort of intense at times but very much manageable. Still ran errands etc. Had my Mom come over Friday evening as contractions were getting closer (but still very manageable pain) so DH and I could leave if needed and we got DS off to bed.
Baby girl was posterior and I spend the evening trying to rotate her around without success.  Around 12:30 or so things were getting stronger so I decided to see if I could get some sleep and slow them down by laying down. Very quickly I realized they were getting serious and, thank goodness, DH decided to wander upstairs to check on me.  At this point I was feeling very mild cramps up front that rotated to intense cramps in my back and down my legs about every 3-5 minutes. After just a few contractions I told him I wanted to call the dr and head in to the hospital, he agreed. 
I was moaning/ breathing through contractions but still doing well, they were coming 2-3 minutes in the car and when we checked in. I went to triage to get checked out and was at 4cm and 90% effaced. I was only fingertip dilated on Wednesday so she said that difference in progress showed I was in labor and she checked me in. 
In the delivery room, I had to get hooked up to a monitor for 20 min per hour being VBAC so I got in bed and hooked up right away and got an IV in for antibiotics.
Very quickly the back labor got to be horrible and I had only a minute or two between contractions. Thinking I still had a ways to go I went ahead and requested fluids for an epidural. She said the anesthesiologist would be there in 20 minutes or so. I tried to keep it together but laying in bed was so hard. At some point I went on all fours, which was better, but I pulled some part of my IV out and blood was going everywhere so DH was yelling for the nurse. I was in a contraction and yelling "it doesn't matter!", haha. 
The pain in my back was so bad and at that point I had no down time between contractions, one would start before the other was gone completely. I got nauseous and the pain was so intense I was just yelling and crying at that point. I had sweat pouring off my face and I grabbed onto DH's neck. I noticed that with the contractions my body was pushing and it actually felt better doing that than nothing. I was afraid if I told the nurse I was pushing I wouldn't get an epidural, but I also thought there was no way I was ready to push since a little over an hour before I was a 4cm and this was my first vaginal birth. 
The anesthesiologist comes in and I hear the nurse saying "are you ok? go talk a walk, go sit down" and I look up and DH is white.  He says he thinks he's going to be sick and he's fine he's just hot, etc, haha.
I got the epidural around 4am, it was awesome. I told the dr I was going to buy him flowers. 
The nurse checked me right after and said "WHOA you have no cervix left!" and my bag of waters was bulging out apparently. Now that I got the epi I told her that the last few contractions made me feel like pushing. She was amazed things went so fast and called the OB to come in to break my waters.
The OB was so nice, she kept saying "holy cow you were made for VBAC huh?" because things went so quickly. I was glad to slow things down though. They sat me up in bed so LO could move down the birth canal while I relaxed. We also wanted her to get more of the IV antibiotics so they just let me know that whenever I felt ready, I could start pushing. 
DH napped on the couch and I was able to update my family about what was going on.
Finally I felt like I was ready so all the lights came on and the nurse instructed me on what to do.  It was surreal and exciting pushing and having DH there cheering me on. It was amazing. 
Anyways about 30? min after starting, Lauren Elise was born and I got to hold her immediately. DH got to cut the cord. It was incredible. I got a few tears, one was 2nd degree.
She's been doing amazingly well and recovery hasn't been bad at all so far. Definitely sore down there but that's it. 
Anyway, I thought it was an amazing birth experience and I am just SO happy I was able to do VBAC. Here's a pic for getting through that long story. 

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