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Labour + flu bug

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So last Thursday DS1 came down with a flu bug that's been going around- puking, diarrhea, fever, etc. We ended up at the ER for dehydration on Saturday night, so who knows what other germs I was exposed to there as well. He's feeling a bit better now, but this morning on my way to my 38w appt I ended up puking. Now last time I did randomly start puking again about 5-6 days before going into labour, so there's a chance it's just that. Please cross your fingers for me that's all it is and not a bug, because I can think of few things worse than going through labour and caring for a newborn and toddler while having the flu bug! (Although I'm pretty sure I could get bumped up to a private room for free if I did have it.)

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Re: Labour + flu bug

  • Ugh! I hope you feel better soon and that it's not the flu.
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  • Feel better! I hope it's labor and not the flu.

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  • Hopefully you feel better soon!!!
  • Yeah, I said flu bug in the post the first time I mentioned it, then just said flu in subsequent mentions out of laziness. I'll change the title so nobody else gets confused. Thanks!

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  • Believe it or not, I work for a global medical supply distribution company and I heard the flu vaccine buyers say that in the US the flu is still making it's rounds. Yeeeesh!!!

    Hydrate a lot and try to rest if you can. I can't imagine laboring while already feeling like crap.
  • Hoping you're better soon. DH and DS just got over a stomach virus, I'm praying with all my might I don't get it!! I can't even imagine dealing with the intense puking/cramping/diarrhea at this point in pregnancy!
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