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Tuesday Ticker Change

How far along are you? What is your fruit/veggie? 

How are you feeling?

Upcoming appointments, milestones, etc?
Any questions you'd like to ask? 
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Re: Tuesday Ticker Change

  • My last check in before baby arrives! I'm 37 weeks today - a winter melon.

    I've been having some high bp issues and baby is at a very high risk for shoulder dystocia so we have a scheduled c-section for this Thursday (2 days!)

    I was really caught off guard at my last ob appointment when she said baby was coming this week. The hardest part is I can't eat or drink 8 hours before and my csection is scheduled for 2:30pm! I'm going to be starving!

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  • 39-watermelon

    Only sleeping about 2-3 hrs a day for the past week. Some days I don't sleep at all.. And I used to do that in college by choice?? Having on and off contractions... They need to get their act together. Let's do this already.

    Appt today with a different doctor. My doc has a stomach bug and they tried to reschedule me for Friday. How does it make sense for me to come on Friday for my 39 week then turn around and show up on Tuesday again for my 40 week? I agreed to see a different doctor instead. This irrational part of my brain is hoping that I get there and they're like "oh, your dilated to a four and are having contractions, let's just admit you and get that baby out!" ..haha, if only that we're possible!
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  • @jellysparkles...your first ever? your life is about to change! treat yo-self!

    37 weeks- winter melon

    Feeling good-- was SOOOO tired but actually had a good sleep last night so I feel human. Starting the waddle though...maybe baby is dropping?? Pelvis is pretty much constant pain-- icing at night helps though.

    37 week appt on Thursday-- 1st cervical check....interested on how that will FEEL! currently awaiting GBS test results...


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  • 37 weeks- winter melon

    I am surprisingly feeling the best I have all pregnancy. I feel uncomfortable and big but the nausea has seemed to go away for the most part and the heartburn seems to be better this week too!

    Went to the 37 wk appointment. Was able to decline the cervical check and found out the my GBS test was negative!
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  • 40 weeks.

    I hate everything.

    Threw up again today.

    So. Done.

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  • 39 weeks - watermelon

    Feeling okay, just anxious and slightly cranky. Horrible heartburn at night. No indication of labor at all. Last week, I was "really soft" and "barely dilated." Will find out if there's any progress tomorrow...
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  • @baileymama3‌- My experience with a cervical check was that it's just uncomfortable as my doctor was looking for her lost keys in my lady parts. Not painful but I did notice light spotting hours later. In which, I called the after hours RN and was assured I wasn't going into labor. Have another appointment today at 1day shy of week 37, so will be curious if the examinations become less uncomfortable as time goes on...
  • Hi! I haven't played for a while...anyway, 38w and a pumpkin.

    I came down with a nasty cold last week so that has seriously kicked my ass. Being sick on top of uncomfortable and 38 weeks pregnant has been a little rough. I had an acupunture appt this afternoon and am starting to feel better finally. I'm hoping I can get some much needed rest tonight.

    We had our 38w check up first thing this am. They tried to do a cervical check a few wks ago but his head was so low and my cervix was posterior so they couldn't tell me if we had progressed. Today she said I'm completely effaced, 3cm and he's sitting at +1. It was good to hear there was some change even though I know it doesn't mean we will go into labor soon. To me it's the beginning of the end and that's exciting!

    No questions. Have a great week girlies!
  • I'm a little late to the party, but 37 weeks today. Wintermelon. I've been feeling pretty well, but this heartburn is no good. I feel like puking tonight, but I haven't. I had an appt today, and my gbs was negative! Another uncomfortable cervical check and 75% thinned and dilated to 1cm. She did warn me I might have some bloody show afterward, and I did. Such a fun experience...part of me is ready for baby to come, but I really want a true full term baby, so at least a 39 weeker, and some irrational part of me really wants to hold out until May. I'm a glutton for punishment I think.

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  • How far along are you? What is your fruit/veggie?
    I am 39 weeksk and a Watermelon.
    How are you feeling?
    I am feeling ok. Have lost some of my apetite, but i think it can be attributed to the heat lately. Some pregsomnia, some minimal cramping...etc. lol
    Upcoming appointments, milestones, etc?
    I have an appt on this friday 4/11. We will see what the dr says then. My due date is 4/15
    Any questions you'd like to ask?
    None. Hope your baby comes soon :)

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