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NBR (I hope) dog problem

So my 1.5 yo fox hound was a nightmare to housebreak (we didn't fully succeed until he was almost a year old) and suddenly for the past week he keeps pooping in the house again. He's trained to ring a bell on the door and asks to go out what feels like a million times a day but then just stands there not doing anything. He goes a little when he goes for his actual walks but then comes home and 20 min later leaves the real mess in the hallway. Part of me is hoping it's just him being his a-hole self but part of me worries that it is anxiety around everything in the house changing for the baby. Regardless, I'm at my wits end and exhausted from the constant trips outside with him. Any dog gurus on here have any advice?
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Re: NBR (I hope) dog problem

  • Unfortunately our yard isn't fenced in so I have to go with him every time until we can hopefully get together the cash for that this summer.
    I'm considering spending the weekend doing the crate house breaking routine where if he asks to go out and doesn't do anything it's straight to his crate for 10-15 min then back outside and the cycle continues until he does his business then he gets to be free for awhile. It means not getting anything done and feeling guilty that he already has to be crated when no one is home since he's destructive but the thought of this with a newborn is a nightmare.
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  • I'm no dog guru, but I think doing the crate training this weekend would be beneficial. It sounds like he could definitely be bugged out because he can sense the changes. My corgi would just stand in the yard doing nothing, so we always had to take her on "poop walks" to get her to actually go (the walking around helped get things moving.) Now that we have a fence, I don't do that anymore but it was helpful at the time. How long are the walks you take him on?
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  • At this point the length of his walks are depending more and more on how I feel but he's still getting at least a half hour twice a day. He's never been one to need a walk to poop especially since he will rarely go somewhere that isn't our yard. He's always been the run outside sniff for 2 min and do his business type of dog. He hasn't had any sort of diet change and it's not like he's not going normally it's just not where it's supposed to be.

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  • I had to go outside with my dog, wait until she pooped, then immediately praise. A few times of this, and she was fine. If you don't do the crate thing, keep an eye on him when he comes back inside. As soon as he makes any move to poop inside, take him right out and wait until he poops. Then praise.
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    This is us! My dog hasn't had an accident in the longest time and lately he has been pooping in the corner of our room at night. It has happened 4 times within the last week and he peed the other night. I'm so fed up because we let him out right before bed and cut off his food way before bedtime. So frustrating.
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  • Is it possible to do a long dog run in your yard? If you do I def suggest attaching the line to a harness rather then a collar for him in case he gets off his collar but it did wonders for my little guy.
  • Our boxer is the same way! She's trained with the bell too, and also insists on going out multiple times a day, usually to "patrol" or run laps. As a puppy she was awful at the whole house breaking thing, but we've had her over a year and she's been doing phenomenally. That is, until recently. She wouldn't even bother to ring the bell, or stand by the door; she'd just walk away for a bit, come back, look at you, and then insist that she show you where she pooped. She's also been having some pee "accidents" as well. We have a 9 yr old cavalier in addition, and while he does have an old man bladder, he's definitely been pushing his limits with his yellow streams everywhere too.

    As far as the boxer goes, I don't think she's had an accident in a few days, but she definitely has been more affectionate towards me. Every chance she gets she tries to share my pillow, or at least lays against me or on my feet. I'm not sure about fox hounds, but I know boxers are known for their skills with children. I think she may sense the impending kiddo, and has been making some mistakes because of her. If our boxer is any indication though, your fox hound should hopefully settle down soon. I'm 38 weeks today, and it's been within the last few days that the poop piles have gone away. Good luck to you, and hopefully the shit stops here. 
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    4/25/14 12:41am

  • My guess is that your dog is sensing the changes.  Mine hasn't been leaving us presents - thank God - but he has been more needy.  He's been barking more just to get attention, waking us up in the middle of the night to "play" and last week I discoved he chewed the strap on one of my Vera Bradley bags in the middle of the night b/c we wouldn't play with him.  He's 8 and hasn't chewed anything in years.

    I would try the crate training this weekend and go from there, but I really think he is seeking attention, like mine.

  • I'm no expert, but in my experience dogs will establish certain spots where they'll have "accidents". What I mean is, once a dog poops or pees somewhere in the house, it's very likely that your dog can still pick up that scent even after you've scrubbed the carpet and think "this must be where I can poop" just because they smell it there. I would recommend trying to block off the area of the house where he's making his messes for a little while in hopes of breaking the habit. We had an issue with my dog peeing and pooping in our guest BR and had to be diligent about keeping that door closed for a while. Things are fine now. Dogs also don't want to soil the area where they sleep. Maybe try moving his bed to the area where he wants to make messes to deter him.

    Good luck!!
  • My guy has taken to puking on our bedroom carpet the last few days. We let him out in the backyard unattended and he ends up eating sticks and then gets sick. So we've limited alone outside time and keep the bedroom doors closed. I also used Nature's Miracle on the carpet and Lysol after clean up to get rid of the scent because he's been puking in the same spot.

    I know you might not want to start this, but maybe a pee pee pad in that area (they actually deter my dog because of the scent - go figure)? I'd definitely gate off the spot he's picked to poop in so he doesn't have access to it. I agree with crate training or keeping him confined in an area where you can watch and immediately stop him and let him out if he gets into the poo crouch.

    My 7 year old hound mix is being very indifferent with me and cuddling up to DH way more. I think both of them are a bit nervous about what's coming up after baby arrives!!
  • Thankfully he keeps pooping in the hallway to the back door where we take him to go out which is laminate so I keep using bleach spray every time he does it so at least there isn't smell lingering in the carpet. Unfortunately that also means we can't block the area off because that is where he is trained to ask to go out.
    Now that someone mentioned barking more it's making me realize that the past week or so he has also turned into a constant whiner when you ignore him which he has never done before. He's actually a fox hound, beagle, basset mix (you just can't tell he's anything but foxhound) so I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that he doesn't progress to howling which we've been lucky with so far.
    Everything you ladies are saying is making me think I've got a change/anxiety problem on my hands. He's a pain but I can't help but to love this face

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