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Pumping Question

I have the Medela Freestyle pump which has been great so far.... Sometimes it seems to pull one nipple more then the other though. It is fitting fine and on correctly, I can't figure out why this happens sometimes. And it's not always the same side too. Anyone else have this happen??
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Re: Pumping Question

  • Is that little yellow tab/plug thing plugged in all the way?  Mine does that if its not pushed in as far as it goes.  I did a terrible job explaining that, I hope you know what yellow thing I'm talking about :)
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  • Is the breast pump new or did you receive it 2nd hand, used it before, etc?
    Older pumps are more prone to suction issues, and even loose suction over time.
    If it's a new pump, I would take all the attachments apart and then reassemble and see if that solved it.
    Sorry I'm not much help! I have the medela pump in style.

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    I've heard the freestyle doesn't have as good as suction as the PISA for instance.  But also, try different flange sizes.  You may need bigger flanges.  And frankly, boobs aren't exactly the same so it's possible one side needs one size and one needs the other...

    But as long as it's not hurting, its probably fine

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