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Wesley is here!!

On Monday March 31st my sweet baby boy was born at 6:18pm. He was smaller than expected weighing 6lbs 9 oz.
My birth Story
I woke up at 2:00 feeling like I just got my period. I called the hospital and they told me to come in. The nurse on the phone giggled because I was so out of it. She calmed me down. After I was checked, I was told that I already deliated 4cm. What I thought was a unusual braxton hicks were real contractions. After being at the hospital one hour the labor pains came. My goal was to go all natural, unfortunately, the pain came right after the other and I could not rest. I deliated to 9cm very quickly. I needed relief. I got the epidural!! The best thing ever. I got to rest before pushing, which took a long time. After an hour of pushing I decided to turn down the epidural. Big mistake, the pain was horrible. The baby and I went into des stress. My doctor came in and had to cut me. It came to be known that the cord was wrapped around Wesley's throat. The vacuum was used and then my anus muscle tore. I've been out of it for a week, but so in love with my baby boy

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