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Question for mommas home with 2U2.

How's it going with a newborn and a toddler? Has the transition been smooth? How is lo 1 handling the change? Any tips or tricks to how you balance everything?

Re: Question for mommas home with 2U2.

  • I didn't have a whole lot of trouble with 2U2. Babywear and include LO1 as much as you can. I think we read lots of books and I was on the floor a lot.

    Now, 3 under 4 is a different story...

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  • We want to include DS as much as possible with LO. I'm glad to hear you didnt have much trouble with 2U2! Good luck with 3 under 4! I hope the transition is just as smooth!
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  • It hasn't been too hard for us since we got home.  The first few weeks with DS2 in the NICU was the hardest part because I couldn't be in both places at once.  Now that we're home though, its basically back to normal.  DS2 sleeps almost all day (and luckily most of the night) so I play with DS1 in between feedings and he watches TV or plays alone while I nurse DS2.  One thing I did find though was that if both boys are hungry at the same time- I'm better off letting DS2 fuss a little while longer until I can get DS1 set up in his high chair with finger foods than trying to feed DS2 first while DS1 throws a fit.  DS1 has also adjusted great to DS2.  He tries to give him his binky and pats his back when we're holding him, and he has asked a few times to hold him.  Other than that, I don't think he even knows anything has really changed.  The hardest part has been keeping up with diapers since we CD. 

    Oh, they're 16 months apart, too. 

    Mom of 2 little gentlemen and one more on the way


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  • I'm so glad to hear this! Makes me a little less nervous about it!
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