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Worry wart

This is just driving me crazy but at the same time I know she's ok. My DD was sitting up this morning playing on the floor with me. She was sitting on 2 blankets ontop of carpet btwn my legs. I slid over to grab a clean diaper so I was no longer behind her and boom, she fell straight back and hit her head on the floor. She cried for 1 but she has eaten well and we went to music class and she's been laughing , etc. she has her periods of fussy time but some days it's more than others in general so I'm not sure if it's from the short fall. Should I be overly concerned????

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    eyriseyris member
    I'm sure she's fine.

    E did this all the time when he was just getting good at sitting and still does once in a while.  Half the time he doesn't even cry.

    It was a floor with carpet plus two blankets over it?  Should be okay.  Signs of concussion would be something to worry about (sleeping a lot, vomiting, etc.) but I'm sure she's fine!  They're more durable than we think.
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    My DD had fallen over several times. Even with pillows behind her she'll figure out how to hit her head. I just use 1 extra thick blanket on hard wood floor. She usually just fusses for a sec and then is fine. I'm sure your LO is too, especially being on the carpet with 2 blankets.
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    Two blankets and a carpet offer plenty of padding IMO. I wouldn't be worried.
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    Thanks everyone !!! I feel much better today about her falling. I know this isn't the last of her falls but I'm just a worry wart
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    I'm a worry wart just like you. My LO rolled off the bed the other day and I freaked. My mattress is on the floor right now since we're waiting for our new bed frame so it wasn't a huge drop but still, it scared the crap out of me. She didn't even make a peep though. Just looked up at me like "uh, wtf lady? you're supposed to NOT turn your back, ever. thanks" 

    Learned my lesson! I'm sure we will experience a lot more things that will make us worry. I vote we all wrap our LO's in bubble wrap ^.^
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