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In the clear from morning sickness?

Hi everyone!  I'm 6 weeks tomorrow and have had days/moments of nausea and lack of appetite since the beginning of week 5, but no vomitting yet.  I know morning sickness/vomitting can start at any time during the first trimester.  I'm thinking the nausea and lack of appetite I have is the morning sickness I'm going to experience.  Even though I know it's a healthy, normal sign of pregnancy, vomitting is a major source of anxiety and migraines (due to the pressure, as a chronic migraine sufferer) for me.  So, I'm wondering if I haven't started vomitting yet, am I pretty much in the clear and shouldn't, for the most part, expect vomitting to start if it hasn't by now?  I guess I'm just looking for some comfort with my anxiety.  Thank you!


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    I hate to tell you, but for many people, the morning sickness doesn't kick in until after 6 or 7 weeks.  You never know - you may be in the clear, or things could get worse to you.  I hope you are vomit-free, but it may be a few more weeks before you'll know if you've dodged the vomit bullet.
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  • I thought the same as you my first pregnancy, I made it to 11 weeks and thought I was a 'Special Snowflake'. And then i proceeded to get violently ill from then on. It hit me hard out of the blue one morning and from then on I threw up multiple times a day until my D & C just before 19 weeks.
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  • Thank you everyone...keeping my figers, and toes, crossed!
  • Mine didn't start until around 7 weeks and then didn't stop until 14 weeks. I hope you are one of the lucky ones!


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  • Mine started at about 7 weeks, but to be honest in only vommed 3 times, with 2 of those times being in my 14th week (the other at 9wks).
    Morning sickness doesn't mean you have to have your head down the toilet every day. The best thing you can do is stock up on remedies (plenty on here that have been shared by others), so you can be prepared.



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  • Not in the clear just yet. I've been sick (with nausea and vomiting) every single day from weeks 6-15. Currently 34 weeks and still vomiting on average 3-4 times a week. I experienced the same thing with my first pregnancy...sick all the way up until delivery. Every woman is different. You may not have any symptoms your 1st tri but have them in your 2nd or 3rd tri. Just enjoy the days that you are feeling well.
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    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but my MS was at its worst between weeks 8 and 13. I'm now 17w and still get periods of nausea here and there. 

    Basically, you're never "in the clear" as far as nausea goes during pregnancy. It can show up at any time. Or not. You'll just have to wait and see! Good luck!

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  • Mine was super bad all weekend, 8 weeks and 3 days today I dont have any... actually craved healthy food today for the first time!  But I am thinking it will be back... prior to this weekend it was really just off and on waves, but all day Sunday I was perched on my sofa immobilized due to nausea!
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  • My morning sickness started just after 7 weeks. I'm in week 10 and it's still around so it's way too early to call yourself in the clear.
  • Lol!! Good point, WhoCanItBeNow!!  Thank you all for your comments and well wishes!!  As weird as it sounds, I don't mind the nausea.  I just don't want to vomit!!  :D 

    Thanks again!

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    I had some wicked nausea between weeks 7 and 11 but never actually threw up.

    I'm 32 weeks tomorrow and threw up for the first time this whole pregnancy just this morning. So I don't think you're ever "in the clear" unfortunately.
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  • You know when you are in the clear?

    When you deliver.


    I just threw up for the second time in a week. I'm 33 weeks. You're never in the clear. And you're still really early. I didn't start vomiting until 7 weeks..

    It's a BOY

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