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For cat owners: baby toys vs. cat toys

As a FTM, I'm just realizing how confused my cats will be every time I scold them for playing with the baby toys. But can I blame them? Baby toys are soft, rattle, some light up, and many make that fantastic "crinkly" noise that cats can't seem to get enough of. Here's a pic I snapped after my DH set up the bouncer. It's basically tether ball for my fur babies. Hopefully they stay away once LO is around... Or it's nail trimming time 2x per week. :-)

Good luck to us all with confused fur babies!

P.S. I also found out that infant sized (unused) diapers are quite irresistible for my cats to run off with in their mouth. Awesome.

Re: For cat owners: baby toys vs. cat toys

  • That's super cute!
  • Haha my cat LOVES sleeping in the crib or the changing pad. She hasn't seem to care about anything else! We teach her no with a spray bottle though. She catches on pretty quick.

    Ps: I didn't even know nail trimming was a thing until the bump!
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  • It's a blurry line, for sure!
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    I had to get rid of our Sophie the giraffe when we had our son because my dog became OBSESSED with it!
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  • I often feel like the only difference between cat/dog toys and baby toys is that the latter is much more expensive, haha! Our dog chewed up two sophie giraffes before we gave up and stopped buying them... not to mention the other stuff he has mistaken for being for him! 

    It actually gets worse later because babies can't tell the difference either... and once their mobile they're picking up dog/cat toys all the time and mouthing them, etc. Yuuuck. 

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  • The cat has never played with DDs things. However DD loves little jingling cat toys. DD has lost countless balls to our GSD. She'll throw him a ball and he'll catch it, accidentally popping it. Many many dead balls. And our dog has his own balls but DD doesn't seem strong enough to throw them more than a few inches maybe a foot at best.
  • My male cat sleeps in the bouncer :)
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  • She likes the stroller and pack n'play sleeper, lol.
  • Oh man! My cats are the exact same. I find them snuggled together in the crib on a near-daily basis (hellloooooo spray bottle!). I also made this really cute stuffed caterpillar that was hanging from the inside doorknob on the nursery. The cats made it a game to take each little section of Mr. Caterpillar's body off one at a time (needless to say I need to sew him back together). 

    The spray bottle won't keep them out of the bassinet that's in our bedroom so we've got that covered with a sheet until baby comes. I'm a bit nervous they'll jump on in once baby's in there...
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  • I love this thread! My babies loooove everything in Caden's room. Here is a picture of Biffle in the lounger and Winny in the crib. They will be very disappointed once baby is born and they are kicked out of his room ;-)

    image image
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  • Yeah, our cat was convinced that all of the baby stuff was for her, especially the Pack N Play and the car seat.   Now that the baby is here, she's been really really good though, mostly just sniffing around.  We try to give her as much attention as possible :-)   
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  • I've had the same problem! We've been trying to train the cats NOT to even go in the babies room which has gone really well up unto yesterday when I found one of them opened the nursery door on her own and was sleeping on the changing pad!! I'm hoping once the baby arrives that she will not go in the room anymore because she is so skiddish and it won't be as enticing when there is a crying baby in there!
  • our kitten (well he is almost 1) thinks all the baby stuff is for him. Sleeping in the changer. Plays in the crib. He looks so cute. Hopefully a crying baby will deter him once she gets here!!!

  • My cat hasn't given me much grief. He's mostly interested in the tissue paper that comes in baby shower gift bags. I don't have a lot of baby toy stuff though (I live in a small apartment, so I'm being a Scrooge about toys) so I guess he hasn't had much option.

    I covered the crib mattress in tinfoil to make him hate it. It has definitely worked...he jumped on it once, was super pissed off about it, and hasn't touched it since. But whether he will still avoid it when I remove the tinfoil remains to be seen :/
  • I love these pics and stories! I just set up the PNP in my living room so I secretly can't wait to see what unfolds with my two rascals.

    Unless I upgrade to a super soaker, I'm afraid my cats don't respond to spray bottles... And they LIKE tinfoil and sticky tape. What's apparent to me and DH is they have no sense of guilt. Ah well.

    @bacorrea - nail clipping was new to me when I got these kitties since they're exclusively confined indoors. They're ok with it, but it's not their favorite thing, LOL.
  • My cats also love the PnP! My husband gets pissed when they get in there though. He doesn't want cat hair all over the babies new things. I've since covered it with a towel and pillows and keep a spray bottle on hand.
  • there are a lot of babies that have been smothered by cats....probably not a good idea to let them get comfy with any of baby's sleep areas
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  • My cat camps out in the storage bin under the bassinet. It is like they have bunk beds!
  • Exactly this!! My car loves the toys and has started to hide them. My mum keeps moaning about him getting in the cot but his fur is everywhere else so baby will have to get used to fur.
    I'm sure he will stay away once baby gets here he hates my little niece and her baby noises!
  • My two cats are very curious also with most of baby's things! We keep the nursery door closed and they are allowed to go in when I go in and then sometimes when I leave the door open they go in and explore a little bit but come back out shortly or just nap on the floor. I love my cats to death but don't want them getting in/on anything that has to do with LO so I have been training them (with water bottle and scolds!) They are learning the glider/recliner is not for them even if I'm sitting in it they can't sit with me (want it to be just for me/DH/baby!) They also have not taken any interest getting in the crib which is awesome but they do love to hide under it behind the crib skirt! The swing is up in our living room but they just sniffed it and ignore it now! PNP is in our bedroom but they aren't even allowed in our room unless I'm feeling nice that day:) but never at night so they have only hid behind the PNP a few times but never jumped in it thankfully! And when they jump in the stroller basket I push it around crazily and it freaks them out so they don't do it that much! I just don't want cat hairs all over babies things (I hate the hair and try to keep it very clean everywhere!) and want them to know that some things are off limits! Also, my grandma has been really worried my whole pregnancy about my cats smothering the baby when she gets here and has asked me to get rid of them many times! I know that cats can be dangerous sometimes for babies but I'm not going to get rid of them (that's why I've been training them!) unless they start to act out towards LO or something! I've also played crying baby sounds for them a few times and they totally get freaked out so I think they will probably stay away from her for the most part! Just hope my spoiled cat can deal when baby is home and I no longer hold him all the time! (I have been trying to break him of that too by not holding so much but it makes me sad! Haha) hopefully they transition well!
    Wow that turned out long! Sorry about that!


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