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33 1/2 weeks ...constant pain, some tightening, & other symptoms.

This is my first pregnancy and I am approaching my 34th week. The past day (and this morning) I have been experiencing almost constant pain in my stomach and pelvis. The pain is coming in waves and I can't seem to time it. My stomach does harden at times. The cramping pain seems worse today than yesterday. I had a dr. appt. the other day but he just checked heart beat. He did say that my baby's head is all the way down, he can't see her being more than 6 1/2 pounds, and if I do go into labor then he won't be stopping it. Some other symptoms I have noticed: 
- More discharge (it is clear with some white in it.)
- My blood pressure was at 114 I'm usually between 80-90
- I have lost 3 pounds 
- Felt a lot of pressure when on the toilet - almost like if I pushed, she would come out. 

I did just get done taking antibiotics for a bacterial infection, also. I'm really starting to worry!
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