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Anal fissure??

Has anyone dealt with one of these in their LO? We are working with the doc on figuring out if that's what my LO has. He occasionally gets a small tinge of bright red blood in his stool after pushing really hard to poo. It happens maybe once a week in VERY small amounts. It's been going on about 4 weeks, and am just curious if anyone has seen this before? It's really starting to stress me out, even though LO is acting completely normal aside from that. Prayers are much appreciated and I'll definitely take any advice or insight.

Re: Anal fissure??

  • Thank you everyone! They told me it's really common in baby's. He's ebf, but he just pushes really hard to poo. I feel bad for his little bottom.
  • Aww, sorry, we had it with DD1.  It took a long time to figure out what it was because it ended up being more of an internal fissure but the blood was there (they thought she couldn't withstand dairy and I had to become vegan since I EBF).  Anyway, it was just a fissure, we used a lot of desitin every time we changed her (the really thick desitin paste to help it heal).  Also, just be gentle when wiping - they told us to blot and not wipe.  It should definitely heal though.
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  • No experience but hope your LO feels better!
  • DD1 had at least one. I would see occasional blood in her stool and kept taking her to the pedi to find out why. I EBF so I cut out ALL dairy.....still blood...we went to a pediatric gastro....since she was happy and by all appearances growing well he didn't recommend giving her a colonoscopy. Said it might be a fissure. When she turned 6 months old, she didnt poop for a week (still very happy!) and when she started going again, everything seemed fine. She is now 5 1/2 and I still will see blood if I wipe sometimes. I just try to make sure she drinks lots and get plenty of fruits and veggies.
  • He's growing well, his color looks good, he's a pretty happy baby. The blood just freaks me out. I'll give the desitin a try. I also read somewhere to use Vaseline to try and help give the poop some lube.
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