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Breastfeeding and armpit lumps

I just found a pea-sized lump in my right armpit...pretty sure this is new. Has anyone ever gotten this when their milk has come in?

Re: Breastfeeding and armpit lumps

  • I had one in my armpit when my milk came in with ds. It was def bigger than pea sized! Warm compress, and massage when feeding might help. If you have access to a lactation consultant, I would ask one. I had a great LC that was super helpful when I had one.
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  • That'd be a lymph node.  They indicate possible infection (mine get hard and painful sometimes when I'm sick).  I second the warm compress and a chat with your LC.

  • I have actually gotten a lump under my arm with this pregnancy and a different one under the other arm with my last. For me it was cysts. Some woman get cystic with pregnancy. Ask your ob/mw at your next apt.
  • Yes most likely from bfing. Normal but I'd mention it
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