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I did it re: EI

I called EI about speech and the lady I talked to on the phone seemed to think it was worth looking into based on what I described. I am surprised how emotional I felt as I called though! It made me really nervous to do it and I felt anxious while talking to the lady eve though I know checking or even qualifying doesn't mean there's anything wrong with dd. I appreciate your encouragement last week ladies. The straw that broke the proverbial camels back was when my dad and stepmom were talking to her last night and she wouldn't say anything. They asked me if it was normal for her to not talk yet and I was like, "I don't know."
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Re: I did it re: EI

  • Good luck!! We have had a wonderful experience with EI for speech therapy. DS2 has shown a lot of improvement, and I'm so happy I had him evaluated.
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  • Lurker here, but we have had wonderful success with EI for my youngest son. He was not saying anything at all at 2 years. He will be 3 in June and his vocabulary is wonderful. It was scary going through the process, but so glad we did! 
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  • Good luck! EI was a great experience for us. I totally get the anxiety/emotional feelings. I cried during the eval when they told us he qualified. Looking back it was silly but I almost felt like we were criticizing him, even though I know no one was. He started speech at 22 months with very little words. He's now 31 months and has hundreds of words, sings songs, and speaks in full sentences. You're doing the right thing!
  • That must have been hard to make that call.  Good luck with the testing and I hope you get answers and a plan in place soon. 
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  • Good luck! I was an EI SLP before staying home. EI is a great resource.
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  • Good luck! Definitely keep us posted.
  • Good luck! You will be amazed at how quickly she will progress. Speech is really fun for the kiddo too--lots of new toys and silly games.
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