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Period and supply drop

I've read that a lot of women see a dip in supply with their periods. Is it typical to see it before? I had my first PP light period last month and if I'm on a normal schedule, my second one would start next Monday. I've pumped close to 3 oz less than normal during my two pumping sessions today and I'm a little concerned. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
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Re: Period and supply drop

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  • I have had huge dips and struggling to get back to where I was even though I am on the max dose do Fenugreek. You can try taking calcium/mag from ovulation to 2 days into your period, Kellymom has all the info. I tried that but the high dose caused both LO and myself to have really bad BM's for a few days so I stopped per LC advice. Check out Kelleymom as there are a few other tips there too.

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  • Same here! I have a small freezer stash I dip into now.
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