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Help me solve a BF mystery

LO is five months old and EBF. The mystery I'm trying to solve involves (surprise!) poop.

Every afternoon DS has one or two mucousy greenish stools. Sometimes there is a little blood. I've taken him to the pediatrician multiple times and they have found nothing and they don't think it's a food allergy. It's so weird because the rest of his poos throughtout the day/night are all normal and yellow. Why this weird one in the afternoon? I can't pin down anything that I'm eating different. He is otherwise happy and alert -- And he's growing like a weed, he's almost tripled his birth weight. I'm not overly worried, especially since his doctors aren't, it just seems strange. (I did have oversupply early on, but that's under control now.)

Anyone else have this? It's driving me bananas trying to figure it out!
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Re: Help me solve a BF mystery

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    Did your ped give you any indication why they didn't suspect an allergy/sensitivity? Those are pretty tell-tale signs.
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  • We had the exact poop issue with DD a few weeks ago, though all of her diapers were like that.  It took me two weeks to realize it started after I had started taking fenugreek for about a week.  The fenugreek had increased my supply and she wasn't eating long enough to get to my hindmilk.  I quit the fenugreek and within 10 days her poop was back to normal. 

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