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Frozen milk questions

1. Do you find that your frozen milk smells the same once it is thawed as your refrigerated, fresh milk? I guess I'm referring to once the milk is heated up and then you take a whiff. I ask because last week I had a frozen bag from December 5th that I wanted to try to use because it wasn't that much past the 3 month mark. But it smelled funny when I heated it up. Not really bad-- just funny-- compared to my fresh milk that doesnt really have a scent. So I tossed it. So then I heated up a bag from January that wasn't 3 months old, and that one smelled the same way. I gave it to him just to see and he drank it fine. So does frozen just smell different? I had never really smelled it before because I haven't needed to use frozen milk that much yet since I stay at home and my mom or DH is usually the one that heats up any frozen that I have.

2. I have a deep freezer in the basement that I've been scared of since we had a power glitch and I lost my entire freezer stash. But now I need to use it again because my regular freezer is starting to get full. Can I move frozen milk from my regular freezer to the deep freezer and have it last even longer? Or in order for it to be good for a year does it have to be put in the deep freezer right away?

3. And lastly, what's the latest that you would freeze fresh milk? I don't always freeze mine right away. I wait about a day and see if I need it like if my mom may keep him and she needs to feed him. If she doesn't then I freeze. Is that ok?

Thank you!

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