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LO STTN; Engorgement!

I am not sure how to best handle my 8 week old sleeping through the night. I fed him at 8 last night, and he slept until 7! I woke up with very painful and engorged breasts. My LO could not latch because of my engorgement. I tried to hand express, and it was not making a dent. I had to give my LO a bit of formula because he was so hungry. I then pumped 5 oz (2.5 from each side), and then fed LO more from each breast. How do I prevent this in the future? A dream feed? Pump in the middle of the night? Thank you!

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  • I am trying to build a stash. I will try pumping before I go to bed tonight, and I will invest in the manual pump. Thank you @lbs2012‌!
  • LO goes to bed by 8pm, and I pump both sides at 10:30. I pump one side in the morning and then wake LO up to feed on the other at 8:45. It's been five weeks, and I still wake up in pain, so I don't know what to tell you about dealing with engorgement.

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  • My son was STTN starting at 11.5 weeks.. 7-5 for a long time and now it's closer to 7-7 most nights. I was super engorged and leaky in the mornings for maybe 1-2 weeks until I adjusted. I never pumped in the MOTN though because I just don't need to stash that extra pump, but you definitely could. I pump right before I go to bed around 9:30/10. And then I feed my son one side first thing in the morning and pump the side he doesn't eat. But back then when he first started STTN I had to massage and hand express a little out before I could get him to latch.
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