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Breastfeeding and hair loss question

I've been breastfeeding for 9 months. My hair and skin are a mess. I'm mostly worried about my hair. It is really getting thin. I thought hair loss only lasted for a few months after you gave birth. Is this happening to anyone else? What are you doing to combat this?

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  • You just have to "Let it Grow" and I moved my part to cover a very thin section that almost looks bald.  
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  • After 15 months I finally caved and cut bangs.

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  • Are you still taking your prenatal vitamins? I've heard that continuing to take those while breastfeeding is good because they provide good things in your milk for baby and keep your hair and nails nice since your LO is constantly draining your nutrient reserves from your body. I have no idea if that will help with your skin. I have battled acne since middle school and it hasn't gone away as I've gotten older, so I'm no help there. :)
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