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Q about oversupply after EP

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Let me preface this by saying I never thought I'd ask this question after struggling with supply when EP with my DD who is now 4. I know the pain of low supply so I hope this isn't offensive to anyone also struggling with it.

My DS is 5 weeks old and is starting to nurse directly (and transfer!) after a tongue tie correction at 10 days old. I have been EP with him while he healed and while we worked on tongue coordination and suck issues. It took about 3 weeks but we are making progress even though we have a ways to go. Thank goodness for my LC and lac group!

My issue is that I've developed quite a supply. I've been pumping 50 oz a day and LO is gagging and choking when I nurse him. I also worry about not getting hind milk since he's only taking about half his feeding from the breast (I'm slowly decreasing bottle volume). I am starting to lengthen time between pump sessions but get really full and uncomfortable if I go too long.

Any suggestions on getting my supply in check, not choking my DS, and making sure he gets hind milk?

I return to work in 7 weeks and my experience with EP with DD makes me nervous about stepping
away from the pump altogether. I mean what if DS decides to refuse breast in the next week or so and
I've compromised my supply. Ugh!

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Q about oversupply after EP

  • Kellymom has great information about oversupply and over active letdown. Here is the page:

    I would try block feeding or pumping. If you are going to pump only pump from one side each pumping session for a set amount of time (2-4 hours). Then only pump the other side for 2 - 4 hours. I would try this for about a week. You will feel engorged and uncomfortable but this will trigger your body to slow production of milk.
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