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Pregnant after a Loss

Stupid Dreams & pgal brain

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Damn dreams & being pgal.

I had a dream I was out shopping, the store I was in was selling one of those amazing angel gowns. This one was a green/blue color and more of a pantsuit style. I touched it but didn't buy it. Next I found friendship hearts with mine & dh's birth years. One of the sales people was cussing & I thought it was unprofessional. Then I woke up.

It freaks me out I was dreaming about those gowns. I keep telling myself it's because I was wondering if they dressed boys in them too as they all seemed more like dresses in the pics to me.

GAH!!! I might have to go out & buy hpts for reassurance later today. I'm 5wks today.

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Re: Stupid Dreams & pgal brain

  • Dreams have been hard for me to shake off this pregnancy. I have been keeping my phone loaded with music and an audiobook (harry potter). When I wake up in the middle of the night I put something on right away. I find it distracts me and puts me back to sleep. I remember less of the dreams that way too.

    I agree, don't read into them. But I also peed on about $100 worth of sticks for reassurance, so I know it's easier said than done ;)
    KMW08[Deleted User]
  • PgaL brain sucks! Especially when it manifests itself into bad dreams. (((Big Hugs)))
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  • I have hated almost all of my dreams this pregnancy. When I was about 6 weeks I had a dream I was bleeding I woke up and checked all day for spotting and nothing. I am now 16weeks with a very healthy pregnancy. It is only a dream playing on our fears. ((Hugs)) I know they suck.

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  • The dreams mean nothing!  You are pregnant, lady!  PGAL brain is a bitch, but just take it one day at a time.
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    Qfrump said:

    FX you fast forward to the sexy dreams. I bet you'll have some crazy ones!

    @Qfrump we know how my brain works, thinking about this might scare me more haha!! =))

    @ball.and.chain thanks love. A reminder from somebody that I'm ku is exactly what I need. >:D<

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    Qfrump[Deleted User]
  • I'm so sorry your dream is haunting you. (((hugs)))



  • So sorry you had that dream. Don't let it get you down. FX for better dreams tonight!
  • (((((Huge Hugs)))))))
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  • I can relate to this it was about the same time frame I had a dream that mc. I went in that week to have a great ultrasound and heartbeat! My point is I know the feeling but dreams rarely come true. They are defiantly mind rattling though! Huge hugs to you!

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  • Nightmares are so hard to shake off. It's never indicative that anything bad is going to happen, it's just awful (and it's bad enough trying to get back to sleep when you get up to pee every night).

    I found that reading something that isn't dark or intense right before going to bed tends to help, as it takes my mind off my worries and eases's to many more sweet dreams :)
    ~All are welcome~
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