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Hi all,
I am not a mom (yet - hope to be one day!), and my best friend is having a baby any day now. I got her shower gifts (obviously) but I want to get her a new mom gift too. I'm having trouble finding something that will really be awesome though. All new-mom gift lists I see are for either baby things or things that won't really seem practical (like bubble bath - will she really have time for a bubble bath??). So, can you ladies in the first few months give me any ideas for something that would have been/would still be an awesome thing to have for specifically for yourself?
Thanks in advance!

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    I second bringing a meal. The last thing I wanted to do was cook or eat take out after having a baby. Take out got old super quickly.
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    Meals and pitching in with laundry/dishes were both big helps. My sister got me a cute little new mom Bare Minerals kit that I'm loving since it has mascara, blush, brightener, and gloss so when I do leave the house I can get "pretty" in about 2 minutes.

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    My go-to present is a prenatal massage. When a woman is in the 3rd trimester and feeling pretty uncomfortable, they help out a lot. Just make sure that the place where you get it is in close driving distance and that if she doesn't use it while pregnant, she can still get a regular ol' massage after the baby is born. 
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    I had stocked up my freezer with freezer meals so food was overkill for me. The best thing was having someone help me clean. Is it possible to head to her house when she's in the hospital and give it a good deep clean so she comes home to a spotless house? If not, letting her sit and snuggle baby while you do some laundry/housework is awesome!

    If you want something tangible I'd second the idea about a Victoria's Secret gift card. It helped me feel sexy again to go buy some new undies.
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