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Pregnant after a Loss

Please talk me off the ledge!

I wrote early this week about losing pregnancy symptoms. I'm very early (5 wks 3 days) and almost immediately after getting my positive test, I lost my symptoms (sore breasts, sensitivity to smell). This am when wiping (after pooping-sorry), I had tan colored discharge. There wasn't a lot but enough to give me an absolute heart attack and totally threw me over the edge.
I called my dr about losing symptoms yeaterday and she explained that is not a miscarriage symptom and to wait for my appt on Friday. I know there's nothing they can do. I am more upset that no one helped me after my last two losses (July and oct- which begin the same way). Every test I asked for, they thought was unnecessary which I think was based more on my insurance that only covered 70% of any tests. I can't go through this again. I'm so distraught and feel so helpless.

Re: Please talk me off the ledge!

  • Brown spotting is usually fine. It's old blood, and if it was only there when you wiped it wasn't that much. I know you know this, and it probably doesn't offer much comfort. I'm sorry you don't feel your practice gave you proper attention, make a big stink about I at Friday's appt if they don't help you to feel better.
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  • Thanks @ksulli. I'm really freaking out bc this is exactly how my last two losses began. Ugh. I hate this feeling!!
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  • If this is how your previous losses started, and your dr knows that, I'm surprised they aren't willing to see you for peace of mind. I'd be pretty upset if my doctor was brushing off my concerns about symptoms that had lead to miscarriage in the past, however minor. If you're still having spotting on Monday I'd maybe call again... and maybe look into finding a new doctor for the rest of the pregnancy who you feel more comfortable with. I'm sorry you're stressed, I hope that it's nothing!

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  • I'm so sorry you're going through this. (((Hugs))) I agree with Rox825 and I would want to know my doctor took my concerns seriously. If you aren't happy with your doctor you do have the right to change. I changed doctors somewhat recently and I'm so glad I did.
  • Thanks! I only reported the loss of symptoms yesterday. The brownish spotting happened this am bright and early. Ugh!
  • Been there! It's also how my first early miscarriage began, however rest at ease for now because I had brown spotting between 6-8 weeks during this pregnancy and all is well :) I'm so sorry you're stressed (((hugs)))
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  • Not all brown spotting is bad. Earlier in my pregnancy I had brown spotting and everything turned out to be ok. I'm currently 17 weeks and this pregnancy is going well. I know it's nerve wracking but just try to hang in there. Sending you (((hugs)))
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  • Yeah he will check my levels if I request it. I made the appt for later bc I was trying to avoid getting bloodwork done and having to wait in bloodwork hell.. But I guess since the spotting I might go in for it.
  • I'm sorry the doc is being a jackass ((hugs)) remember spotting is not uncommon in pregnancy.

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  • MrsDLMrsDL member

    I had no spotting with DS and with my mc in the fall. This time I had brownish spotting at about 5 weeks, then it was light tan, then pink, and one swipe of red. I thought for sure "this is it - another mc." It was over the course of 3 or 4 days and then stopped.  Scan at 7 weeks showed baby is right where it should be, growth ahead, nice strong hb.

    Hugs to you - it's so hard to wait it out.

  • So sorry about your losses.  I so understand how stressful this can be.  I mmc at 11 1/2 weeks the only symptom I had was a gush of blood.  All was fine and then I mmc the next week.

    With this pregnancy I also spotted light pink color, I freaked.  I went to see the Dr and the nurse was so rude to me, she was like well this happens not a big deal.  I told her well the last time I had any kind of spotting I mmc so yeah to me it is a big deal.  All ended up being ok and the spotting was very different than when I had my mmc. But for the nurse to just blow it off like that really bothered me.

    I did spot another time but I did not freak out as much.  Brown discharge is usually ok since it is old blood that is coming out so brown is better than bright red.

    I would not worry about symptoms. I know I had no symptoms with either of my pregnancies in the beginning and really not much throughout this one.  I never really felt sick, my boobs never hurt or got bigger.  Everyone is different with symptoms so that is hard to go by. 

    If you cont to spot call your Dr tomorrow and let them know you want to be see, especially since you have had a mc before.  YOu would like to get in before Friday.

    So sorry you have to go through this and that the Dr or nurse is not being supportive.  I hope you find out soon, keep us posted!!

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  • Thank you everyone for taking the time to put my mind at ease. I'm feeling a lot better. Hoping for the best but realizing it's out of my hands.
  • I'm glad you're feeling better now! This is scary and frustrating. I would say get your levels done ASAP, as they might tell a lot. Best wishes and ((hugs)).
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    sorry for your loss , i also lost my first one at 5 weeks also started with brown discharge , then heavy bleeding . so this  time i went to the doctor as soon as i knew i was preggo , don't want to take the chance of mc again , now at least i know i did every thing . now 4 week 4 days along hopefully this one will not result in mc , fingers crossed


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