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Drop in supply after illness

Tuesday evening I had really horrible stomach pain and ended up with vomiting and diarrhea that lasted all night, into the early morning until I went to the hospital. I continued to pump (I EP) while I was sick, and while at the hospital. That day my supply was fine, and I tried to stay hydrated after they finally diagnosed me with a bug (the fear was gallbladder issues at first). I was given zofran and Vicodin to help. Since that time, I have been pumping as normal, but I have noticed about a 10 oz drop in my supply. I am trying to stay hydrated, especially because I can't really stomach much food right now. Is a drop in supply normal after an illness? Will my supply go back to what it was? TIA

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Re: Drop in supply after illness

  • I bf and pump only at work but when I gotbthe flu it dropped and took a couple days to come back after I was fewling better and eating. Fluids and calories are key.
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  • Same as the pp, it came back when I got better.

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    When I was bf'ing DD I got a nasty stomach bug and ended up getting fluids and zofran too. It took a couple days for my supply to bounce back, but it did. After reading some stuff I want to say I may have seen that zofran might have an effect on supply too, but I could be wrong on that.
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