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How long to thaw frozen milk?

I have heard that you can thaw frozen breast milk overnight on the refrigerator, but can thaw it mor quickly under running tap water, cool or warm. About how long would that take? Assuming about 2-4 oz? My childcare provider asked me, and I don't know since his is my first baby. Couldn't find it on Kelllymom's website either. Thanks.
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Re: How long to thaw frozen milk?

  • If it's in a breast milk storage bag, 4 oz will thaw after just a minute or two under warm running water. 2 oz will thaw almost immediately. If you transfer it to the fridge at night, it'll be mostly thawed by morning. When i was pulling from my freezer stash, i generally gave it to our daycare provider already defrosted in the bottle.
  • They are in milk storage bags. Thanks!
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