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Wet Bags for Diaper Bag

Sorry if this has been asked before...

What size wet bag do you recommend for keeping in the diaper bag?
How many of this size do you have for rotation?
Do you have a brand preference?

Thank you!
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Re: Wet Bags for Diaper Bag

  • unaveragejaneunaveragejane member
    edited March 2014
    I am not usually out for long periods at a time, so a small wet bag works for me. I like one that will hold at least two diapers comfortably. I have a Blueberry wet bag that I love b/c it has a loop for hanging off the end of the changing table. I just got a PW one as a free gift, and I'm going to have to add a loop to it.

    ETA I don't use mine every day, so I could get by with one. I keep a plastic grocery bag in my diaper bag just in case I forget to pack a wet bag.


  • I frequently forget to bring a wetbag , so I also keep plastic bags in the diaper bag. When I remember, I bring a small wet bag. I use mostly prefolds and flats so I can fit at least 4 or 5.
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    KangaSac and planet wise are my two favorites.


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  • I bought the Skip Hop wet bag and love it. The size is prefect for 4-5 diapers without having to stuff them in. And the zippered pouch is great, too. :-)

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  • My fave is the bummis medium wet bag. Some days we are out a couple hours others we may be out closer to 8-10 hours and the bag has plenty of room for the diapers. I have a few freebies from either Kelly closet or diaper junction back when they did Black Friday deals and they work fine too. I do like my wet/dry bag from planetwise or bumkins but those were pricier so I don't have many of those, and I like them better when I have shorter errands/times we are out of the house and don't want to carry the full diaper bag.
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  • As long as it holds 2-3 diapers, that's plenty for me (usually). I have a planet wise, a swaddlebees (blueberry), and a kissas. My favorite is definitely the swaddlebees. I like that it's just a single layer of PUL. The other two are cute cotton with a PUL lining, and they take so much longer to dry. I could get by with two, but I had to have the kissas for the print ;)
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  • tjkdlhb said:
    KangaSac and planet wise are my two favorites.
    I've never tired KangaSac but I have 2 planetwise medium wet/dry bags and they're perfect.

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