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Baby sleeping a lot the day AFTER 4 month shots

Has anyone else experienced this? Baby was a little fussy the day of his two month shots, but was completely back to normal the day after. Now, after the four month shots, he was fine the day of, which was yesterday, but has been sleeping almost the entire day today. He hardly wakes up when I feed him. And, he has screamed in the middle of his naps like he's hurting or had a bad dream several times today. He's not awake and still has his eyes closed. I pick him up and talk to him softly and he goes back to sleep. Anyone else notice this on the day after vaccinations?

Re: Baby sleeping a lot the day AFTER 4 month shots

  • Thanks! That's what I thought. Poor baby. He's eating okay, but he's just not acting like himself. :(
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  • The four month shots were the absolute worst for DS.  Since then they get easer each time.  

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  • My little guy got his 4 month shots Monday and has not been himself since. Crying a lot and just overall cranky. I hope this passes!!
  • omg i didn't think it would be worse, i have to take LO today for his 4mth shots. >.<

  • We just got back from ours!!
  • Keeps waking crying  :(
  • Today (four days after shots) he is still crying a lot. :( He's pretty much upset unless he's asleep and he's not sleeping well or as much as before either. It's so hard to see him like this. If he's not better tomorrow, I'm calling his doctor. This is so sad.
  • @BoyOhBoys‌ omg! The waking and crying is the worst! It's so sad!! My poor baby boy is doing that during every nap, sometimes several times. :(
  • My son was also just a little cranky after the 2 month shots but the 4 month shots he received just this past Tuesday were different. He slept almost all day for two days afterward and when he was awake he would cry horribly. Gave him the infant Tylenol as suggested by his doctor which was 2 ml since it doesn't say on the box. It also helped with his fever, he developed a 101 degree fever which was making him not feel good. Warm compresses or a warm bath for his legs also helped him too. He seemed to enjoy the warm water on his legs. Hope your little baby feels better soon.
  • I di give Tylenol :( My son enjoyed the warm bath as well.
  • I gave LO tylenol BEFORE going to the appointment. He was a little cranky day of but otherwise breezed through his 4 month shots. 2 month shots were awful day of and next day.
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