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New here and expecting our 4th:)  First three were natural hospital births.  Number 2 and 3 were at York Hosp. and we didn't have great experiences.  Would love a birth center birth this time and wondering if anyone has used Birth Care and what your experience was like?  Thanks in advance for any help.


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    Nice screen name! ;)

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    Lol, thanks:)
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    I had my 2nd with them!  I had him at Ephrata (the hospital they have privileges at), and he ended up being an accidental water birth (you aren't technically allowed to have a water birth at that hospital- oops).  I loved my care there and intended to go for the birth center experience this time, but I am having twins and wanted to go somewhere more high-risk focused.  
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    Just scheduled my first appointment there and am a little on edge. The lady that answered seemed a little catty and didn't really want to let me schedule an appointment when she heard I was only starting my 9th week. Was just a little off putting.
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    did any of you come from a distance, or are you all Lancaster Countians? I am in Mechanicsburg and hubby acted like I was thinking of travelling to the moon to have a baby...but I have been told many patients travel from at least that far, and it's no big deal - there's plenty of time to get there...
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