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They had to evacuate the room.

DS (3) is HFA. He is in ECSE through the county 5 days a week. When he started the school year his main issue was getting him to sit and participate in activities like circle and craft. Now his behavior is escalating to tantrums, throwing toys, hitting, kicking and spitting. Today, his teacher sent a note home that as soon as he saw her he got upset and it went downhill from there. He had a tantrum that lasted for an hour. They actually had to evacuate the classroom to keep the other kids safe because he was so out of control. I am beside myself. 

He had an FBA done at the beginning of the year but it is out of date at this point since the behaviors he demonstrated then are nothing like what is happening now. I emailed the teacher and Vice-Principal to call an emergency IEP meeting. He only gets speech (30 minutes 2x a week) from the school but didn't qualify for OT or PT. I'm trying to figure out of there is some SPD that is causing him to become more disregulated and make the tantrums worse. He rarely tantrums like this at home and it never lasts for an hour so I'm not sure how to address it. If I ask him about what happened after he melts down like this he'll say "I made a bad choice" or I was angry" but that's where it ends. We talk about good/bad behavior and making choices. We talk about asking for some time alone or a break if he is feeling angry. We also talk about using his words. In the moment, none of that helps. He is starting ABA this week, 3 hours a day 3x a week. We're still in the pairing phase so they haven't started any real work yet, all fun so far.

I'm scared, sad, overwhelmed and frustrated. Any thoughts/advice is welcome. 
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Re: They had to evacuate the room.

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    I'm sorry you're dealing with this...this can absolutley take a toll on a parent.

    While I don't think SPD can cause emotional difficulties, some other things may. A person with ADHD can develop ODD (oppositional defiance disorder) or oppositional tendencies. Another possibility is (I'm on my phone, so I cant see how old your child is) both communication improvements and maturity will bring behaviors to a normal level too.

    Its wonderful he has sympathy/compassion and can recognize when he is wrong.

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