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Short naps

DD is 11w old and we are already dealing with the 45 minute intruder for her naps. I feel like I spend my day trying to get her down for a nap because they are so short lived and she can only go 1-1.5h between naps. She is swaddled for naps in her crib and she also naps in the swing. 

DS also suffered from 45 minute naps, but I think it started at a later age and I could at least get him to nap a good 2-3h at a time in his swing. DD still wakes early in her swing and won't go back to sleep, unless I pick her up and hold her for the rest of her nap.

Because of this, she naps 4-5x during the day. It's not exactly easy to deal with with a toddler around. Anyone else dealing with this and find a routine that works for them? 
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