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5 weeks brown watery discharge

Hi everyone, this is my first pregnancy and I'm so lost. I'm estimated to be 5 weeks 2d pregnant. Took a few HPT on the days I should have had my period and all +. For about 4 or 5 days after I got my first + test, I had pregnancy symptoms (dizziness, bloating, breast changes). Then, one night they suddenly decreased dramatically. No bleeding. My light cramping is the only constant symptom I have. 2 days ago it was harder to tolerate the cramping but still no bleeding. Today, I had a small amount of brown discharge this AM and have been wiping drops of brown Discharge since. -are these signs of impending mc? My sudden lack of symptoms and brown dc is stressing me. No MD appt till 8 wks.

Re: 5 weeks brown watery discharge

  • It is very common to cramp in early pregnancy. As long as the blood stays brown, I wouldn't worry. Just mention it at your first appointment (don't call unless it turns red).
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  • If it were me, I would call my doctor. They may say its nothing to worry about, or they may want to see you sooner than your first scheduled appointment, either way, knowing is better than stressing over questions. As for your symptoms going away, that could be your body leveling out somewhat. My first pregnancy, I varied a lot week to week with things like breast tenderness and bloating. I have had cramps with both my pregnancies. My doctor said early on it's usually the uterus stretching. I must admit that this time around, the cramps had me on edge and I called my doctor after a few days. Even though she said there was no cause for worry at this point, I am glad I called. Just remember, worrying with no answers is no good for either of you.
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  • Thanks everyone for your help. My symptoms coming and going is what worries me. Especially when they were very intense initially.
  • For anyone who is reading this looking for answers... The brown eventually turned to a mix of brown and red spotting, then just bleeding. I spoke with my doctor's office the day after I was questioning my symptoms and they suggested getting my blood work done to check my levels. By the time I went in, I started bleeding heavily. What they found was my hcg levels were high enough to signal pregnancy but my progesterone was at a 1, which is too low to carry a pregnancy. Being this is my first pregnancy, there was no predicting how this was going to go. Next time, my doctor plans on taking bloodwork immediately following a positive test. The combination of sudden loss of symptoms and spotting were the signs for me. If this helps anyone, my message is to call your doctor or nurse immediately with any concerns no matter how much u think it may be normal. Don't worry yourself sick like I did. I hope one day I can join this site again with a better outcome. The hardest part is feeling love for something I never even saw...just a tiny blimp in this world. And to have it taken away so quickly was heartbreaking. Hopefully one day I can feel that love for real again.
  • I'm so sorry that this happened to you!  I would definitely talk to your doctor about getting on progesterone supplements for your next pregnancy.  I don't know if that was what caused your problem, but if your progesterone was that low, it definitely can lead to a miscarriage.  I hope that you get your take home baby soon.


  • I had the same thing at five weeks. It lasted for about a week. Just rest, drink fluids and hopefully it clears up. A lot of women have this from what I've seen on the boards. BabyFetus Ticker}
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  • I am so sorry for your loss. I also had a loss at 5 weeks that happened the same way. It was hard for me to get my head around because it was so early but to me that baby was so real and I was already attached. Anyway, just wanted to let you know you are not alone. Xo.


  • spotting today, 5w6d.  Going to ER since MD office is closed.  Please pray for us.  Thanks for the advice on here.
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