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Birthday Surprise

Sooooo Marine sort of ex msgd me Happy Bday today. Rando. I guess he saw on LinkedIn. We talked via text for a while and when he asked me if I was still working with veterans I responded like no but hope got in the way sort of thing. Then he busts out with the HAD A BABY? HAHAHAHAHAH Don't tell me dude didn't look me up on FB and see my public pic and cover photo of her. He says he doesn't have FB anymore but I'm sure he did. No way did he just randomly guess that. Then as we talk he says he wants a baby. WHAT!?!?!?! IDK if he is still dating this chick (didnt want to ask) but his last chick (the girl after me) had a 5 or 6 year old girl. Just funny bc I wasn't going to tell him about her via text but he surprised the hell out of me with the I WANT A BABY BUT SOME PEOPLE THINK IM CRAZY thing. He was so disappointed in his sister for having a baby out of shocked me to hear him say that. He is getting older (33/34?) but my ovaries half shriveled up during our convo bc sex with him was PHENOM but I have said and said I don't plan on dating anytime soon plus guys who walk away from you are douches...then BAM...he texts me. Arg! Who knows if we will talk again after today but how life randomly throws you this stuff. I was just thinking about him yesterday. Nuts.

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