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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

BFN Today! I hope this is the last BFN I ever see!

My d&c will have been a month ago tomorrow.  Waiting for my hormones to dip has seemed to take forever, but about a month out, at least a pee stick isn't showing up positive any longer.  I feel hopeful that my cycle will return again soon and I can close this chapter and move on to a healthy pregnancy.  It's very hard since I had 2 consecutive early term losses, and my OB is running a gamut of tests to rule out any treatable problems, but at least I know that my body is returning to a normal state.  Baby dust to all of you.  Thank you for helping me cope and for being such a tremendous resource/support group.





Re: BFN Today! I hope this is the last BFN I ever see!

  • Congrats. Best of luck.


    PG#1 - 3rd cycle BFP. Team Green. HELLP syndrome @ 34 weeks.
    Later diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, possible link to HELLP.

    PG#2 M/C 3/14 - Surprise BFP 2/13. Beta's doubled every 52 hours from 3w5d-5w5d
    Viable pregnancy scan at 5w5d; 2nd u/s showed 2 days of growth in 7 but a HB of 120
    3rd u/s on 3/10/14 had no HB and baby had only grown 7 days over 14
    D&C 3/17/14 - complications - DX Retroflexed uterus, multiple tears to cervix

    All Welcome


  • congrats and best of luck
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  • Yay!! It's so nice to be able to move on to the 'next step'!
  • I'm glad you can move on. I'll start testing for negatives in another week to make sure my hormone levels are back to normal.


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  • Good luck!  :-)
    Married my best friend 7/2/11 - Furbaby born 7/9/11 and brought into our home 9/1/11

    BFP#1:   2/2/13 ~ exact m/c date unknown but around 3/20 at 10 weeks ~ diagnosed with PMP ~ D&C on 4/5 ~ TTA for at least 1 year due to PMP ~ cleared to TTC 1/14

    BFP#2:   2/7/14 ~ m/c 2/20/14 ~ possibly due to chemical pregnancy ~ TG no D&C is needed 

    Surprise BFP#3:  4/4/14 ~ super duper extra happy (and nervous) about this one - EDD 12/9/14!!!

    John Joseph was born on 12/12/14 at 7 lbs. 11 oz.  He is the most beautiful rainbow baby we could have wished for!


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