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Frozen food, what do you do?

I usually let the food thaw in the fridge than heat it in warm water but when I forget to take it out and need to feed her I warm it up in the microwave but I guess it's not reccomended. How do you thaw and prepare LOs food from frozen?

Re: Frozen food, what do you do?

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    @jnetx‌ the only thing I can think of would be hot pockets but as long as it's stirred properly it should be fine? I only go 10 second increments between stirring so I'm keeping it at a safe temperature.

    My sisters been trying to tell me that there's other reasons why it's not as safe or healthy but I can't seem to find very much research on it other than the physical safety of hot pockets in the food. That's why I was curious what everyone else is doing?
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    I was so confused when I read "hot pockets" bc I thought you meant the bread things with pepperoni inside or something.

    Now that I realize what you mean I would suggest stirring baby's food so it is heated evenly before giving to him or her.

    If I am hearing something frozen I microwave water and set the food in the bowl to thaw out. Just like I do my frozen breast milk

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    Mmm hot pockets. Yum.

    I microwave and stir. NBD.
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    I take the frozen cub and microwave on defrost probably 20 seconds then I'll do 10 seconds of regular microwave and it's usually a little warm but not hot. I also stir and test the temp on my lip from a few spots to make sure it's evenly heated.
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    Microwave and stir in small increments.
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    Adrd47 said:
    I thaw in the fridge, then microwave, stir & let it sit for a minute.
    This exactly. I let it sit for a bit before serving too, while I get her in her seat.


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    thedash said:
    Mmm hot pockets. Yum. I microwave and stir. NBD.
    Ditto all this.  Love me some ham & cheese hot pockets.
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