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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

Scared (Rant and Ramble)

Hey ladies,

In the early stages of the grieving process I started to make myself feel better by thinking (irrational, unpromisable) things like "this won't happen to me again" and "everything will be fine next already have one healthy baby"....


then one of my best friends who had a D&C last Thanksgiving and then shared with us she is pregnant guessed it--having another m/c. She is a perfect specimen of health! Hasn't been overweight a day in her life (seriously if she wasn't such a sweetheart we couldn't be friends, haha--the woman never has a bad hair day even!) Makes me feel like there is no hope for the overweight diabetic high-risk person with the jerk of a cervix (me!). Not helping is that I have been eating my feelings and now am 6# up from my pre-pregnancy weight with my daughter. Seriously? Insult to injury. Self-injury.

Also one of my husband's cousins is expecting her first baby and they announced it on Facebook all cute with graphics and stationery and stars and hearts and baby carriages (and I totally am happy for them and want to stab my eyes out at the same time). Ugh!


Point being now that my little house of cards has fallen (and of course I feel terrible for my friend, too) I am decompensating a little bit. Unmotivated, tired, disconnected from things. But typing this out made me feel somewhat better. And knowing you're reading it makes me feel better too.

PS: All of the above is a TOTALLY INSANE response to "How are you doing?" so, I just say to people who I can't talk to, "Fine."
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Re: Scared (Rant and Ramble)

  • Type away! I have found it so therapeutic to post and comment here and just write my feelings in general. I'm sorry you have a reason to grieve, but glad you are doing some of the grieving here. I hope it continues to make you feel better.
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  • I'm so sorry you're having a rough time, but I'm glad you are recognizing that it really does happen to anyone for any random reason or none at all. Staying optimistic and hoping for the best, even when it really does feel doomed, is pretty much as good as it gets some times. I hope you continue pushing forward and start feeling better soon.
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  • I hope you are feeling a little better.....It's a rough time, and people who have never experienced our grief, in the way we have, never quite get it or understand fully...

    What I will say is that for some reason, everywhere I go lately, I see lots of women with their new babies...It just hits me hard, I probably saw plenty of women in the street with babies before, but now I am very conscious of it....

    I really wish you the best, and hope you can be strong and move forward, day by day...

    Take care...
  • I am so sorry for you and your friend's losses. I think @ellyd14 put it great about hoping for the best when you feel doomed. I hope that you can once again find some hope. Hugs.
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  • We aren't in the class that asks you how you're doing and expects "fine."



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