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Food safety question

I am planning on making stuffed peppers with ground turkey breast and rice on Tuesday in the crockpot. I am not going to have time tomorrow to put them together. As long as I let the rice cool completely, can I make the mix and stuff them now? I don't see why not, i mean they sell stuffed meat stuff at the grocery store, right?
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Re: Food safety question

  • Is the meat cooked before you put it in the pepper?

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  • Nope, it cooks in the crock pot. So I would be mixing cooked (but cold) rice, tomatoes, and ground turkey together, stuffing it in peppers, and storing it in the fridge.
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  • We shall see @SunnyDays26‌. This is the first time I have tried to make them at all, let alone the crockpot. Dh doesn't like them. Or so he says. I love them, so I am making them for me and my cousin this week
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  • I love stuffed peppers. Recipe please?
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