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Have you ever been this scared??

First off, I know I'm probably going to get a lot of judgement for this, but we've been co-sleeping since 3 weeks.
I've been in an abusive relationship, had my life threatened 3 times, and was held at gunpoint...but I swear I've never been as scared as I was early Saturday morning.
I woke up and was thirsty so I moved my arm out from underneath my daughter and she started crying a little. Lately she's been sleeping longer at night so I figured she needed a diaper change and a bottle. So I'm getting her bottle ready and she starts screaming and I automatically know that something's wrong. I pick her up and I'm trying to figure out what's wrong and I notice that there's a piece of string wrapped tightly around her finger.
I can't get it off so I panic and yell for my husband. He knew something was wrong too. I swear...I don't know if it actually took that long or if because I was freaking out so bad that it just seemed like it, but it took FOREVER to get it off her finger. All the while, she's screaming louder and louder, her finger's turning purple and swelling up more and more, and my husband and I are both in complete panic mode because we can't get the darn thing off.
We finally manage to get it off and I am completely freaking out...bawling my eyes out and shaking uncontrollably. Like I said, I've never been that scared and hope I never am ever again!!

Re: Have you ever been this scared??

  • Geeze, that is scary! So glad she's ok! I've never had anything like that happen with DS, thankfully, but motherhood really does change your definition of fear, doesn't it? 

    Also, not sure why anyone would judge you for cosleeping or bedsharing, as long as it's done safely. I've bedshared with DS since day 1 in the hospital. I'd side-eye the judger, quite honestly ;) 


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  • I'm sorry this scared you.  No judgement here.  Socks are bad for loose strings too.  
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    I'm having déjà vu from Dec '13....

    I now check LO for hairs all the time because I'm shedding so much
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