Any medical peeps? please come in... — The Bump

Any medical peeps? please come in...

So I went to the dr a while back and ended up needing a z-pak for a nasty sinus infection. Took all of that, felt much better.

Fast forward about 2 weeks later, I come down with a what seems to be another sinus infection. Same symptoms as before...sinus pain/congestion, nasty yellow/green mucus (sorry Tmi), coughing, headache. Called the dr and they said it was probably the same infection that the z-pak didnt fully take care of so they put me on 2 weeks of augmentin.

I'm on my 4th day of the augmentin, and although my sinus symptoms have definitely improved, this time around it feels like a lot of this crap has settled in my chest. My chest feels tight and I'm a little out of breath, and im sometimes coughing up some nasty phlegm, but most of the time, the cough isn't very productive, so its just kind of sitting there. Im hoping the augmentin will take care of all of this ick.

My question is this...since I'm still feeling out of breath and like this whole thing has settled into my chest, do I call the dr and see what they think or do I wait it out a few more days?
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Re: Any medical peeps? please come in...

  • I also wanted to add that I've been taking Mucinex in addition to the exact for the past 3 days now..which seems to help a little, but doesnt seem to make the cough any more productive.
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  • *prescription not "exact"

    Wtf...TB won't let me edit!
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  • Why don't you give them a call and talk to the nurse? They might want you to run in so they can check you out. They can listen to your lungs, check your sats just to make sure you don't have pneumonia.

    You can also go to an urgent care and they can do the same if you can't get into your doc.

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  • Have you tried mucinex? Guafenisen? It's an expectorant

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  • Have you tried mucinex? Guafenisen? It's an expectorant

    Yep, I've been taking Mucinex for the last 3 days.

    Aaaaand of course my doctor is already gone for the weekend. Convenient!
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  • I'm not a medical professional, but that sounds like what happened to me when I got bronchitis.  There may not be much to do, but they doctors did give me an inhaler when I was diagnosed with it, which helped with the inflammation.  I don't think it requires an emergency call, but I'd probably check it out.

  • I do have the generic flonase that the dr prescribed me along with my first round of antibiotics. I guess I will start that up again twice a day in conjunction with the Mucinex and augmentin to see if that helps.
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    Z pack and augmentin are appropriate for community acquired pneumonia. So if you did have it, you are covered.

    It's likely bronchospasms. And inhaler would work, steam showers, a decongestant.
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