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15 month old and gymnastics

DCP signed up her daughter (2yo) up for a gymnastics class at the Y for her birthday. She wants to know if DH and I want to sign up DS. It's $132 for 3 months, and I think it's like crawling/walking up foam things, playing with toys, assisted somersaults, and jumping on a trampoline. I'm sure he'd like it, but that's a lot of money. If he doesn't take the class, he'll probably be In the daycare at the Y while DCP attends the class with her DD. WDYT? Worth it?

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  • My DD was in a gymnastics class like you described at 18 months. She LOVED it. It was only $20 a month and 30-45 minutes long. Then the lady stopped doing the class otherwise we would still be going.

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    Well shit, I hope it's not too late to sign up. I do think he'll like it. I'll talk to DCP tomorrow.
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  • We did parent/tot with my twins when they were 18 mo - 3 yrs.  It was fun for all.  :)
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  • DD started gymnastics at 18 months and couldn't do some of the things that the older kids did (class went up to 3y.o.) like jumping with two feet, but she loved it. But normally these classes are parented, ie. 1 kid to 1 parent. I take it you won't be there? Who will help your LO if DCP is busy with her kid? We started at a place that was $100 for I think 10 weeks. We are now at a competitive gym (not that she's in competitive) and its closer to 200$. 


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  • Planning on letting O start gymnastics this summer at the Y. They have a "mommy and me" class for 1-2 year olds. Well, that's if they offer any weekend or possibly later week night classes. 

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    @AmberEA14‌, that's the one we're doing, but DCP is the "mommy." But I'm going to try to leave work sometimes and meet them there.
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