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Probably stupid questions about covers

So, I'm in the market to try fitteds/covers.  I currently only use pockets and AIOs.  I'm probably going to get some kind of bamboo fitteds.  My question is about covers though.  I understand about PUL covers, got that.  But tell me more about wool & fleece covers.  I understand that they breathe better.  But, they're not waterproof right?  So won't his clothes get wet?  And I know why you don't have to wash wool everytime, but why don't you have to wash wet fleece?  Or are his wool or fleece covers/longies his only pants?

And another question.  If you let DC go around coverless at home, then I'm assuming they can't wear pants right?  How does that work? 


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Re: Probably stupid questions about covers

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    Well, I'm about to start using wool so I can't speak from experience but here's what I understand:

    They won't leak unless they're compressed, like the baby is sitting in a car seat for an extended time. I asked about sleeping, if them laying on their backs would cause this too and everyone said no.

    I thought you did wash fleece more often than wool? Maybe not everytime but I don't think you can go weeks or anything. I think it's the same as with PUL covers, let them air out then use again for a few times.

    And I don't know about going coverless, but I would assume it's without pants.

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    I don't know about the wool covers, but DS goes coverless sometimes at home.  That's in no pants, just the diaper.  I usually don't leave him that way for long, because if he pees it does soak through.  It's nice for when he has a rash or something, to let his bum breathe a little.
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    They aren't water proof but they are mostly waterproof (especially the wool). Fleece is a wicking fabric rather than an absorbent fabric. So unless your diaper becomes super saturated then the moisture stays put because the fleece won't absorb it and let it through. It is more prone to compression wicking, which means in a high compression situation (like when dc's crotch is crompressed in a car seat) it can squeeze the moisture out and you might find that dc's pants will get wet. I never use fleece if I'm going out for this reason. I use my wool in a car seat with no problem though it can be prone to compression wicking as well.

    Wool is naturally water resistant and you have to lanolize it to make it more waterproof (treat it with lanolin or a lanolized wool wash) and lanolin is highly water resistent. This is the reason sheep don't poof up when out in the rain. Lanolin  is also naturally antibacterial so as long as your wool isn't soiled with solids, you can go for weeks between washes. You just air dry them between uses and then use them again. If you notice the cover start to smell a bit like pee when dry or if it stops working as well then you know it's time to relanolinze. I only wash mine every 3 weeks or so.Fleece does not have the same qualities so you do have to wash them regularly but I air them between washes and then throw them in when I do my cd laundry. So they get washed every 2-3 days just like my pul covers.

    I have pul covers but I use my wool and fleece soakers almost exclusively and ds's clothes are never wet unless I let him go way too long between changes.  I pph my wool.

    I occassionally let ds go around coverless - I don't find it that necassary because he's mostly in breathable covers anyway but I like to see a cute fitted now and again. He does not wear pants when I do this. He could but then I wouldn't know when it was time to change him until his pants got damp and I'd have to change his pants too. So he goes pantless. 



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