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Laser Hair Removal

Has anyone had it done? I'm thinking of doing my underarms and bikini line.

Re: Laser Hair Removal

  • I looked into it in my early 20s, but wasn't a candidate.  I am blonde and fair and apparently that's not a good combo for laser treatment. 

    It has something to do with the laser not working on hair with little pigment and the lack of contrast between hair color and skin color.  I am not at all scientifical, so I am probably missing something in the description I am giving.

    The aesthetician (sp?) I went to said the best candidates are those with dark hair/ light skin because of the high contrast.


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  • I am in the middle of treatments(underarms) and I am totally thrilled with the results. Of course, I have the best combo, super pale skin and super dark thick hair, so I am considered a "best candidate".

    Last time I researched it was a couple years ago, so I may not be remembering correctly, but I believe there is a specific laser that can deal with darker skin/lighter hair people. You would have to do some research and call around to find out which laser certain companies use, and pick the one with the laser that best suits your skin/hair.

    Only thing after that is make absolutely sure you look at the spots they did before you leave, so that you can make them get anything you know they missed. They probably won't let you come back to get it again until your next treatment. My last treatment was from someone apparently totally incompetent, and if I get her again, I will be on her like white on rice the whole time, lol.

    Also, it hurts like hell.
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  • I have dark hair and somewhat pale skin, lol so I'd be a good candidate as well except I couldn't deal with the pain.


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  • I looked into it for my face but I have the wrong combination of skin/hair coloring. The rest I don't care about enough.
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  • It's such a time commitment. There's multiple sessions involved for each area and then you end up having to cover some spots again if they get missed, similar to what @Shabutie said. I watched a friend endure this for close to a year on various areas and it made me happy to stick with waxing.
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  • I wasn't trying to deter anyone, I was just giving my experience. It is absolutely worth it in my case, because, like @yellowwallpaper12 I was having to shave every single day. Even just after shaving I could see the hair through my apparently transparent skin(and it starts to hurt like hell shaving so often), so it was a huge source of anxiety for me, especially since I live in tank tops during the summer.

    I know when my treatments are done, I will probably eventually save more money on razors then I have paid for the treatments.

    Another tip: ALWAYS wait to buy treatments until they go on sale. They WILL go on sale. Buy a package, not just one.
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  • I so want to do it for armpit, bikini, and heck all of both of my legs.  (Could probably only do lower half with hair color...)  I get horrid razor burn, have lovely dark eastern european body hair, and hate shaving in general.  I'd never get around to waxing (and worry I'd get even *more* ingrown hairs).

    But I'm too cheap.

    But if you have time time/money, Go for it!!
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  • I bought six sessions with a groupon. On the first visit, they to me six wouldn't be enough and started offering to sell me more sessions at a reduced rate. It didn't work, but I don't think they were doing it strong enough. I want to try it again.
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